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Родольф Муньос

(Rodolphe Munoz)

Профессор Родольф Муньос – дипломированный специалист в области европейского и международного права. Занимается вопросами функционирования внутреннего рынка, Всемирной торговой организации. Преподает в University of Liège, Institut d’Etudes Juridiques Européennes, Law University (Belgium), College of Europe, Law Department. Автор значительного числа научных работ по проблемам внутреннего рынка, электронной торговли.

План лекций Р. Муньоса

Материалы к лекциям Р. Муньоса:
    1. Freedom of movement for persons
    2. Free movement of capital
    3. Free movement of Goods
    4. Freedom to provide services
    5. The Legal Framework of Regulatory Competition Based
    6. Competition policy

Темы исследовательских работ

Список рекомендуемой литературы (на ин.языках)

Professor Rodolphe MUNOZ


  • College of Europe Bruges - .LL.M. in European Law
  • University of Staffordshire England - Master of Arts in International Relations
  • University of Toulouse: Faculty of Law - Law degree in international law and European law «Maîtrise»
  • Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Toulouse - Degree in European Studies (University of Toulouse)

Professional and Academic Experience

  • Since 2003 Assistant at the University of Liège, Institut d’Etudes Juridiques Européennes, Law University (Belgium).
  • 2000 - 2003 Working as a lawyer (temporary contract) at the European Commission (Brussels) in charge of the TBT procedure (W.T.O. law), the application of the 98/48/EC Directive on transparency regarding the Information Society (E-Commerce, Data Protection and Electronic Signature) and the Internal Market policy of DG Enterprise.
  • 1997 - 2000 Teaching Assistant, Department of Legal Studies, College of Europe, Bruges.
  • 1997 Preparation of municipal elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina for the OSCE.

Other academic activities

  • On an annual basis Lecturing at the "Institut des Etudes politiques" Lille (Internal Market and EC policies)
  • Lecturing at the DESS "Judicial remedies" of Luxembourg
  • Lecturing at the College of Europe in the introductory course of the law department
  • Guest lecturer (2001-2004):
       - University of Gent, Law Department, course of Professor Inge Goveare
       - College of Europe, Law Department, course of A. Mattera One off tasks
  • Guest lecturer
       - University of Gent, Law Department, course of Professor Inge Govaere, The new architecture of the European Court of Justice
       - College of Europe, Politic Department, course F. Berrod, Directive 98/48/CE
  • Training of Judges in Bulgaria, Sofia, programme organised by the British Council
  • Training of civil servants from China, DG Trade Programme
  • Training of civil servants in Serbia Montenegro, Belgrade
  • World Trade Institute (Bern Switzerland): TBT Notification procedure and management of enquiry points: the case study of the EC
  • Teaching to Eastern-European students for the Phare Programme of the EC Commission: "The four freedoms" and "Human Rights", "judicial remedies", "Intellectual Property" and "International Trade Law"
  • Participation and organisation of the workshop on "negotiation skills within the context of the EU accession" organised by the Slovene Authorities and the OECD. Speech on "Institutional framework and the positions of the institutions on the enlargement: Agenda 2000"
  • Training of the Turkish Competition Authority: Judicial Remedies
  • Centre des Etudes Européennes de Strasbourg: Visiting Lecturer
  • Courses at the ITAM University of Mexico: Judicial Remedies, WTO law and Legal Consequences of EC External Relations
  • Training of the Turkish Competition Authority: Judicial Remedies
  • Training of the Maltese civil servants: Judicial remedies and Common Commercial Policy Research activities
  • Seminar "The future of the Internal Market" Bruges / College of Europe 26 April 2004 (reporting)
  • Colloquium "Which Regulatory Authorities in Europe?" 18-19 March 2004 Brussels, Belgium (co-organisation). (Paper: Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation).

Main publications

  • 2004: Communication Commerce Electronique, Commentaire de l’arrêt Lindqvist (C-101/01) et la protection des données personnelles, April 2004, p.67-71.
  • 2003: Revue du Marché Commun, La participation du plaignant à la procédure d’infraction au droit communautaire diligentée par la Commission, 2003, n. 472, October-November, p. 610-616.
  • 2003: Revue du Droit de l’Union Européenne, La Communauté entre les mains des norms internationales : les conséquences de la décision "Sardines" au sein de l'O.M.C., n°2/2003, p. 457-484.
  • 2003: Le système SOLVIT, Journal des Tribunaux de Droit Européen, April 2003.
  • 2002: The role of the Technical Barrier to Trade Agreement in the development of transparency, Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, Chapter 13, p. 273-292.
  • 2002 March : Communication Commerce Electronique : Chronique, La directive 98/48/CE et l’application de la transparence dans le cadre des services de la société de l’information, p12-16.
  • 2002: Revue du Marché Commun : Le marché intérieur comment rendre les droits des intéressés effectifs, n°458, p.337-341.
  • 2001 December: Revue Europe : Chronique, «L’application concrète du principe de transparence dans la sphère des services de la société de l’information, p. 3-6.
  • Chapter in a book concerning the legal effects of international agreements concluded by the European Community, Budapest University of Economic Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Public Administration, Budapest 2000, p 53-80.
  • 2001 January: Revue du Marché Commun, Le système du juge unique, n°444, p.60-66.
  • 2000 November: Journal des Tribunaux de Droit Européen, L’affaire Micro Leader, n°73, p.215-219
  • From august 2000: Bibliography Review, Revue du Droit de l’Union Européenne (4 times a year).
  • 1999 November: La mise en place d'autorités administratives indépendantes dans le cadre des marchés publics, Revue du Marché Unique Européen, 3/1999, p. 221-268.
  • 1999: Common Market Law Review 36, Casenote "Compassion World Farming", p.831-839.
  • 1999: Common Market Law Review 36, Book Review (Intellectual Property), p.694-695.