ESI Open Call for Research Proposals


This to inform that International Panel Experts, composed of representatives of Russia and the European Union, have thoroughly assessed every research project sent to the ESI in the framework of current Open Call by 17 applicants. However, restricted number of grants as well as requirements of compliancy have made the final evaluation extremely difficult and demanding.

Finally, the Panel decided to offer grants to the following projects:

  1. Role of the EU commercial interests in the Arctic within the EU-Russia policy dialogue
  2. Russia`s Soft Power in the “Near” Abroad in the Polish Official and Expert Discourses
  3. Law of External Relations of the EU and the process of Eurasian Integration
  4. Schengen reform after the Arab Spring and adoption of the European Arrest Warrant: Playing it irrationally?
  5. Impact of the procedure of nominating Judges in the EU Member States on the frequency of pre-judicial requests sent by National Courts to the ECJ
  6. Professional development and training experts on the European Insurance Market

Among the persons granted an opportunity to follow their research projects at the European Studies Institutes are the Russia, Italy, Belarus Nationals.

The ESI highly appreciates interest, enthusiasm and willingness of all applicants to take part in the first Open Call announced by the ESI and looks forward to further cooperation with interested scholars in other projects.